Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm in love with these shoes but....

Whenever I try to wear them I just feel they are not going well with what I currently own; my outfits for one reason or another does not go well with them.
I've made numerous attempts to brings these boots back into my daily wardrobe. I just haven't any idea on how to wear these lovelies.
I'm sure a dress or a skinny jeans would look nice. I just need some advice, I'm getting irritated with these boots.

Don't you just hate these moments when your brains freezes and you can't think of a decent outfit?
Anyways, I still haven't told my friend, about how I don't want to go to his party. I'm still nervous.

Bye, will write more soon.


  1. darling ... sometimes, certain things just do not work for the moment - i often find myself storing some items away because i do not feel them ... but then, in next season, suddenly, they become my must-have! so, i am sure there moment of glory for those lovelie will come - just a manner of time, xoxo

  2. definitely try them with skinny jeans. might also work well with a short skirt...i'm thinking mini length. it would be nice to see them in an outfit post.
    thanks for commenting on Style Odyssey, by the way...much appreciated! :)

  3. whenever i feel like i don't know how to wear something, i just have to wear it once in public and then i know i'm going to wear it more times. just wear them with a pair of skinnies and your favourite shirt, i'm sure it will look great!

  4. Hiya :)
    yeah I saw the link! first I was a bit upset though, but there is not much I can do, although copyrights are violated, but then again I thought sometimes its good to just let things go :) but I do think about closing my entire etsy down... :)


  5. They're lovely. I'm sure you'll find something to wear with them.

  6. i know exactly what you are talking about ..all too well :(

    i have a few things in my wardrobe that i love that i never wear bcause i have nothing for them and of course i cant jsut get all the money to buy an outfit for every thing in specific .. ugh its depressing

  7. wow, hot boots! i think theyd look great with a pencil skirt of skinny jeans!

    anyways, agreed on the PETA thing. it wouldnt be so bad if they were actually MAKING a difference!

    xx raez

  8. Those are cute...try rocking them with a dress:)

  9. those boots are cool, i think they'd look good with skinny jeans or maybe a dress, although I get what you're saying, they could be hard to style. try it out! :)


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