Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Laugh out Loud

Donatella, what can be done to persuade people to become more interested in fashion? Where I live, fashion is almost a taboo subject. Carlos Velasco, Omaha

Carlos, we all have to do our bit, however small. So if you love fashion, be proud of the fact and show people how it improves your life and self-esteem. Maybe they will then understand what it can do. Otherwise, maybe I just need to come to Omaha. . (Read more here)

Only cause the thought of that women coming to the same city I lived would be the greatest thing ever!

It's all so true, most Nebraskans are clueless to fashion. Magazines, like Vogue and Elle, are barely touched at the Borders I frequently visit. It's not that many aren't interested in fashion but just many don't have the resources or the publicity to expand. Also many people from Omaha has a certain style that can be easily broken down. Maybe I should write about that.

Recently Omaha had a fashion week, I didn't go but my bestie attended it and told me she was impressed by the designers. I read a few articles in the local papers and I recently saw one of the designers started selling her clothes in her vintage boutique, that I'm really in love with .

I'm very intrigued to see who else sees fashion as becoming part of the Omaha scene. We already gained recognition from the music world (Conor Oberst?)

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