Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Post

I'm suppose to working on my 4-page paper about Jim Crow laws but....

I really need to know where I can find these boots. They are quite lovely and lace up boots are always more comfy for me.

Also I'm really wanting to buy some pants. But I have two big problems. I'm only 5'1" but it's easy to hem my pants. My main problem is that I'm a size 2/4; which is damn near impossible for me to find. (I'm serious, most stores only get a box or two of those and they go fast) I'm not a typically size 2/4, I have a more curvy backside but a small waistline. Any one of my fellow female bloggers have issues with pants?
That's why I rarely wear pants/ jeans. I'm stuck with only 5 pairs of jeans and one pair of black slacks.

BTW, thanks for your help. I really appreciate everyones help and advice. You all are so nice. I hope everyone having a good week.


  1. OOh those are lovely! kinda want them now!

  2. love the shape, it seems to be wearable with jeans or leggings!

  3. Ahhh, a great pair of boots are always the perfect diversion! xx

  4. ugh! cutest boots, need me a pair!

    xx raez

  5. ohhhh wauw!!! these are awesome and so you!! that color would go perfect with your hair!!! did you figure out where to find the boots? I will keep my eyes open for you, have you checked ebay?

    and yes... pants!!!! arghhhhh, my problem is that Im too skinny-duh- but with an ass, no meat on the legs, its a disaster, lately I had some luck with h&m?

  6. i'm not your size but i can relate .. iharldy ever find pants or jeans that fit me .. since im peitite but i think i feel my obdy has a weird shape my hips are so gross and then :(

    ugh i dont even want totalk about it i have some issue lol


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