Monday, November 9, 2009

I spent this past weekend feeling like such a geek, but in the good way. I let out my inner geek by attending my first Anime convention.
I know nothing about Anime but I went because I went because I was able to attend a lolita party and panels.

I went to a few J-pop panels and watched the Cosplay contest. Some characters came out and dance to I'll Make a Man out of you from Mulan. It was awesome.
At last my camera fails in semi-lit areas. (I'm waiting for when the holiday sale deals come out).

I hung out with a furry creature.

Two scary supervillains were walking around. We posed for this. One of them said they wanted to cover my face. Don't worry they were harmless; see how the Joker was eating a lollipop.

They both were carrying free hugs sign.

I didn't take many photos but I had to take a photo of him. Sadly, too many desperate girls wanted to take photos also. So I wasn't able to pose with him. (Anyone know which character he's suppose to be dressed up?)

Anime Convention 2009


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