Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's all so close.

Only one more project this week!!!
I'm in a bitchy mood, because one of my partners is being a major ass. Group projects are the worse unless all the people are super cool and laid back, like my history group.
I hope when I'm working, I don't have to deal with such an egomaniac.
Oh well, I just need an A and we'll be cool.

Blah, bad outfit shots.
I'm trying people to get my new camera but my parents are not sure why I need a new. Here's the best I can do but my camera is sucking a lot. Also I think a tripod or a friend would help me because then my photos be more stable.

I'm very surprise that I was able to find this dress for only 9 dollars!!!!
I've never had a dress with peter pan collar. I love it. ♥
Also I love the floral print, I'm not big on the bright, bold florals but this seem to not be so extreme.

ps. Has any body tried Gimp instead of using Photoshop?
I'm not sure if I should download it.

I miss blogging. I'm just happy to almost be done with the semester.


  1. dude, seriously. i have always hated group projects because it hardly ever works out where everyone contributes equally. i feel your pain.

    and i adore this dress. it is just perfect.

  2. Gimp is less complicated than Photoshop and it's free. Unless you want to do really fancy stuff with your photos, Gimp will do the job. :)

  3. You pull off the boots so well!!

  4. really cute dress, loving the print! but nope, never used gimp before...what is it?

  5. good luck with the project, dear!!! and you are super lovely in this outfit - i love the smile!! and ask for camera as x-mas gift, lol! xx

  6. love those boots! your hair looks amazing!



  7. Cute dress doll! Love the boots, you look very pretty


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