Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boring Holiday

In case, you don't know. I live in the midwest, and one big, scary blizzard kept me trap inside my house this weekend.

I didn't have a chance to do anything!

I did have the privilege to shovel my parent's driveway.
The downside of not having older brothers still living at home, is that I'm now forced to do their chores.

But I did get to sit around my TV and watch a bunch of DVD's!

So far my favorite was 500 Days of Summer.
Not what I expected but it was all so cute. I have really big girl crush on Zoeey Deschanel.

She's so pretty in the first picture.

So, just want to know how everyone's Christmas weekend went?
And what kinds of presents did you receive?

Mine were lame. Money and a random micro-fleece set.


  1. I big puffy heart Zooey and I loooooooved that movie!

  2. Me too-I find her mesmerizingly pretty! And my niece looks just like her at 11 :) so sweet.

    Thanks for the comment. No, I didn't cut it but have been toying with the idea of a "bob" just too scared to say 'goodbye' ahhh. ;)


  3. Zooey is the best! But i was kinda dissapointed with 500 Days of Summer too :(

  4. Her hat is amazing in the first picture wannnnttt

  5. i really want to see 500 days of summer. :D

  6. i also got pretty lame gifts but i did get some cash which im happy about. :)
    havnt seen that movie yet, i will eventually

  7. Oh I love Zooey<3 ANd 500 days of summer is now one of my fave movies:))
    My presents were a hair dryer, cosmetics, a watch and some sweeties:) The rest of them is waiting for me at home ( I couldn't got home for Christmas:( )
    Happy new year, dear:*

  8. oh zooey, she is my favorite of all time.



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