Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too Excited

Woke up around 12 and I made Hello Kitty shaped waffles.

I love it when food looks adorable and tastes delicious.

A few friends and I went to the Faint, at the very last minute. I had to wait outside to try to get a ticket. It was freezing cold and I did not come properly dressed to be in such low temperatures.
Inside though, the concert got crazy.

Only a few decent shots. I'm too short, so my best friend took most of the photos. I need a better camera. And maybe try to take photos at more laid back concert.

She had to lean down in order to be in the photo.

My friends walking towards the car.

This made me laugh. I love taking pictures of signs and pictures.
It's says " Won't lie, $ will go to our "massage therapists."


  1. Those waffles are amazing. Nice pictures.

  2. oh yummie yummie waffles :p
    Have A Happy New Year :) :)

  3. omgggg ADORABLE pancakes!i've never seen hello kitty shaped ones :D

    Happy new years!

  4. awwh, those waffles are adorable!
    thats a funny sigh, hahha.
    have a safe and great new years!

  5. Those are soo cute!! Hope you have a great New years!


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