Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's freezing, I mean it for real. It's about -30 degrees.I barely venture outside when the city is saying their is a window chill warning.

I hate this so badly. I know I'm not the only blogger stuck at home, wearing PJ's.
But there are lots of comforts from browsing tumblr.

I saw this recently. (No clue where from, tumblr people are bad at posting links/ credit).

Obviously what caught my attention was the insane heel. Then, I notice the satin bow and how precise and well-aligned the crystals look. I barely glanced at the bunny pinup tattoo.

I adore all forms of expression; my love for tattoos is strong. I went on an endeavor to meet Kat Von D from LA Ink at her book signing. Her style of tattoo is kind I admire the most. I love details and shadowing.

I really would get one, except I'm terrified of needles. My older brother says they don't hurt, and he has gotten 4. He recommended a few places and even offered to take me to a session.

Do I plan on getting one?

Not for awhile. I have the get over my fear, than make a decision.

Does any one that reads this have a tatoo?
I love to hear your story.


  1. that is such a great looking shoe. i don't have any tattoos either but i am planning to get one once i save some extra money lol.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  2. Well, we're not at 30 below...but we are at 30 which is crazy for Florida. I haven't gotten outta jammies all day!

  3. My younger brother got one his first year of college, and then another the following year I think. He said once you get one, it's like an addiction, and he's always thinking of what to get done next.

    Personally, I won't get a tattoo just because I don't feel strongly enough about one image to have it permanently on my body. Nothing against them, especially if you have a picture or symbol you really love. I would just never be able to commit to it, haha!

  4. The shoe totally distracts me from the tattoo. :P

  5. Wow, no wonder you're cold! It got to -18 here and that's exceptional - we all got two days off work and our water pipes froze! Keep warm! x

  6. I won't get a tattoo, but I think they are beautiful. That heel as well, is amazing!

  7. they definitely hurt, but not the way you would think. it's manageable..! it's more like a burning than anything else. i hate pain and i have three.

  8. tats are cool:) im not particularly afraid of needles, but my thing is deciding which one to get--its forever, but i'm always changing my mind!

    anyways good luck with it!
    xx raez


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