Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Blues

I'm ready to get back to classes.
I have to put some money down on buying a ridiculously overprice Chemistry book.

Instead of using my Christmas money to buy my book; I went off to spend the day looking through sales racks and trying to avoid overcrowded electronic areas (I was dragged to the two biggest electronic stores looking at laptops ).

I finally bought a jumpsuit. I thought it would look odd because it's a little big for me.

Turns out to be really cozy.

Pardon, the funky sock, it's freezing.

I plan on wearing this with boots and tights. I'll even try to layer it.

The best part to me is the sleeve, they are slit of sheer gray.
Reminds me Alexander Wang.

Excuse me now, a cup of hot cocoa and plush bed are all calling me.



  1. hi! darling! what a darling jumpsuit - i am soooo glad you got!!! this will get you through all seasons - super versatile!!!

    btw: back to the comment you left earlier - 19 years old is like the golden age - i will give up anything to be 19 again :-))) so who cares if you can go out or not - just enjoy!!!

    happy new year and all the best, xx

  2. LOL. no, no, i like your funky socks! it finishes off the whole look;)

    hope your 2010 is awesome so far!

    xx raez

  3. I love your jumpsuit! It looks great on you! But I think you are crazy cause you want classes to start back up! ugh! haha :) just kidding!

  4. that jumpsuit looks great on you!

  5. that jumpsuit is a great buy! It looks really good on you

    lovelove, M.

  6. Great jumpsuit! I'm totally into them lately. Selling a few extras on my closetfox page. Happy New Year!


  7. awesome jumpsuit sweets! The things we get tempted to buy lol =)


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