Monday, January 18, 2010

Damn classes

I'm can't believe I'm saying this but after a week, I want school to be done!

It's been hard. I feel like a wreck. I can't really explain my emotions that well, I try to keep things in and let them not affect my blog.

Don't worry about me, my doctor told me that I have Seasonal Affective Depression a few years ago.
I wore sweats today. It felt weird. Most of you understand, that I typically wear a dress or skirt to class. I'm not a big fan of pants and I find jeans stiff.
My daily outfit posts are rare on this site, due to my camera issues.

It's not abnormal to wear something comfortable; just to exercise in the morning. Then, I rush off to classes in whatever I have on.

I kept on thinking, I wonder if any one notices what I'm wearing?

Of course not, I live in Nebraska. The norm is seeing the ithinki'msuperfashionablebitches in juicy/ pink sweats (mine were black adidas) and Uggs.

I'm just writing down what has been in my mind all day.
I've seen plenty of girls on the blogging world have their off days, I certainly have those.

ps. I hope everyone tries to give a little something to help Haiti. I know I have. :)


  1. You just have to get a bit more use to it. MAybe if you dress up it will help improve your mood also, goodluck!!

  2. im so over classes too!! and its barley my second week. im on the same boat. :(

  3. Sometimes a day just sucks.. Buttt there's always tomorrow! =]

  4. Yeah... I'm done with classes too! It's so tiring. And I'm so against the whole juicy couture with uggs look! gross... here, it's north face jackets with a white tshirt, jeans, and uggs. I mean...seriously..everyone wears that outfit!

  5. Hang in there.. I get a little S.A.D. This time of year too.

  6. Awww. I hope things look up for you soon. Around here (I live in the tropics), everyone pretty much wears shirts and jeans. :(

  7. Smile, the sun will rise tomorrow ;)


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