Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunny Days, Where Have You Gone?

Ugh, this constant fog and rain, now snow still is making me feel sad.

I'm definitely one of those people that in order to feel better they go buy something.
I'm not a shopaholic!

I have freaking self control, trust me. I nearly bought a 100 dollar bag but I felt that it was rather huge and I am terribly picky when it comes to bags!
It's a preference thing, I never like buying them.
I rather save my money and buy pretty shoes!

But anyways, since I'm not feeling particularly great. I'm going to show off some recent purchases a little bit.

I think it's safe to say, that I'm loyal MAC customer.
There is only one my state; it's so apparent because its takes me 10 minutes to get some random makeup artists attention.

I started trying on shades of lipstick. I ended up buying Pink Nouveau. I swore I saw it on some bloggers and that's what convince me to buy it.

(Matte Green 7 is the color)
I also went off to explore my nearby Urban Outfitters. Apparently, they sell nail polish. Isn't this such a pretty shade? I smile each time I glance at my nails.

I try not to go their often; a) cause it's super pricy and I'm a broke college student, b) I tend to buy something I don't need.

But since they had small event going on for Haiti, I felt a need to go. I bought those glasses because they said all the proceeds go to HopeforHaiti. I'm a sucker for noble causes.

Best part of UO, is that all the employees are adorable and not to mention it's one of the few places that I don't feel awkward.

A few shopping regrets:
A pair sexy suede boots, I think I might go back just for them.

Also I tried on a few things, such as another jumpsuit. My best friend told me I should purchase but since it was long and strapless I had no idea where I would wear it.
I kind of regret it but they seem to have plenty. Jumpsuits aren't a very popular trend here.

I also went to Marshalls and bought an amazing, long coat. It was only 40 dollars marked down from 75.
No pictures but you'll see more soon. ;)

What do you do in order to beat the winter blues?
Any one buy something fabulous lately?


  1. WOAH, great nail color!!!

  2. i bought some really nice pants .. but i think the yjsut got ruined in the rain -__-

  3. I love the Matte Green color!


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