Friday, March 12, 2010

All is Well

You know, it's nice to take time away from the computer, relax and put on a few movies.
I grab a few DVDs from my nearby video store.
I'm not a professional movie critic but I finally saw The Blindside. I have to agree that Sandra Bullock gave such a believable performance. Every scene seemed so realistic. I'm surprised I didn't cry at the end. I suggest that those of you whom aren't even that into sports to go see it. It's worth your time.

But, I can't say the same thing for 2012. I joked with my family, that if the world ends like this, I'm going to be so pissed! In fact, the whole movie just made me mad. I felt like punching whomever approved it. I had to watch another movie, just so I would stop complaining.
My time away, I was able to relax and just sleep. I also am happy not to be sick for Spring Break!

I have one week, and I made a small list of things to do.
A have a few DIYs, I want to start and I really need to organize my jewelry drawers. I have two but it's chaos. I can never find what I want to wear. Any recommendations? I love to find a better system for all those little knick-knacks.

Lastly, I posted that I felt to sick to critique my favorite person from the Oscars.
Well, I say that I was blown away by any particular person. I am typically most interested whom is honored that night than by the exceptionally made gowns. But I did love Sandra Bullocks dress. I can't remember whom she wore but looked so beautiful. Also I'm dying to find that same shade of lipstick.

ps. Going to post some outfit shots later. Peace out.


  1. You asked: "how are you inappropriate?" I'd like to know myself? Anyway, we got his name so we are going to report it somewhere LOL. And when we go back YES I'll slap him with a paper saying we don't need anything to take pix. He even followed our car throughout the park until we left. He thought he could escort us out? OK, why not tell the under age kids drinking or the loud boombox kids they're inappropriate INSTEAD?


  2. i really loved her dress to death, my favorite (and rachel mcadams)...
    Have a cool week, my spring break is until the next week, but i'll do a a to do list so i can accomplish somethings i have want since so long...

  3. Sometimes the "heart-warming" tales piss me off, too. I haven't been privy to this one yet, because I hardly see movies in the theaters anymore, but I'm going to wait for Netflix :-)

  4. I definitely want to see The Blindside soon, and I adored Sandra's dress as well :)


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