Sunday, March 14, 2010

weekend= lame

I'm so fucking cool. I honestly didn't do anything except watched a couple movies. Most kids spend their spring break at Cancun or Miami; I stay home watching Disney movies on Youtube.
I have a long list of things I want to finish.

First outfit is what I wore Friday. The campus was deserted, so I would of wore something extreme but I ran over and was still late.

Silly me, my eye are squinting in the photo above.
The Dress is from Dillard's , tights are from Target, and the boots are over an year old and they look like shit. I cleaned them but this winter was hell.

This would be such an adorable date outfit, if I can get one.
Target dress, it was 20 when I bought it, then I saw it for like 7 a few weeks later. Boots are something I pick up at Dillards. This year, when I felt like buying a pair of boots, they were either too expensive or out of my size. I still can't find a black pair!

I did edit the one above, more than normal. Not sure if I like it.

My hair is looking super crazy. I need to cut it. Any clue what I should do? Do you or any bloggers you know of have curly hair?
I need hair inspiration.

Love all the comments, I've received. Thanks for being so thoughtful.


  1. at Thanksgiving I give thanks (among other things, of course) to Pumpkin Spice lattes! ;) ahah


  2. I need to wear my boots more :O

  3. Oh that second dress is so lovely! :)

  4. I love your striped tights! Also, if I had curly hair I would totally have a pompador like this

  5. you look so cute in theoutfits! I specially love the first one, darling your lipstick color.

    You've been nominated: ;)

  6. It's inside where the adventure happens! Loving your colourful Target dress. Looks very pretty on you!

  7. cool tights! :)

  8. love loveeee those outfits .... i really love your look! xx


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