Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Got Your Number

I'm so glad to hear that many of you would love to wear the Alexander Wang sunnies. Who knows maybe if I find a job, and by luck I can find those. They could be mine.

I have been taking quite a few photos but I don't feel like posting them until I edit them.
It's not a hassle for me to take photos; I just wish I had someone to help me. I just use my desk to balance my camera. I really want a tripod.

Details: Purple Cardigan- ??
T-shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Target
Tights- Hue (Some kid told me they look like the people from Avatar, I die)
Boots- Dillards
Necklace- Forever 21

I actually like this post, cause I typically never wear jewelry. I might buy more stuff like the one I'm wearing.

Sigh, it's almost the weekend. Maybe I'll do something fun. I really want to see Alice in Wonderland. Should I dress up?

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. I love your purple cardigan and draped necklaces! Thanks for saying you're glad I started a blog. : )

  2. cute outfit. i lvoe the patterned blue tights!

    xx raez

  3. hell yeah i want those glasses! They remind me of vintage stories in the late fifties. Your tights are cool, but after reading the avatar thing i do laughed (just a bit).

    I want to see Alicia too! Dress up ;)

    p.s. forever21 is really messy!

  4. I love the purple cardi :)

    and thanks for the link!!


  5. Great outfit!

    Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  6. Cute cardi!

    I loved Alice in Wonderland<3 Wish I could go an d see it again;)

  7. Lovin' the peek of boots. And the tights are so fun!

  8. i love your layering here. by the WAY! have you seen the fake wang sunnies on ebay? i bought a pair. love love love. posted them on my twitter.



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