Wednesday, March 3, 2010

These Are So Dumb

I can't help but love these pointed wing Zoro sunglasses from Alexander Wang.

I can just imagine all the snickering and stares on campus.
Hell, I even think they are super weird. I just see someone; i.e., Batman or Catwoman would wear similar ones to keep the sun out of their eyes. Maybe that's why I find them awesome, so that way I can feel sort of like a super hero.
Do you understand what I mean? That buying a certain item can transformed you into another being. Empowering yourself, and becoming inspiration to those around.

Edit:I can also say the same things about music. In case you don't have speakers, I changed my song to be Yellow by Coldplay. I'm in the mood to see them play again.

ps. I'm feeling so romantic and poetic right now.
I need to get some sleep.

Good night everyone.


  1. But would you wear them? And if yes, will we get a picture of you sporting them? (P.S. Love cupcakes, too! All things french goes without saying...)

  2. I really love those glasses I would totally rock them!

  3. I think you should get them and wear them with pride!

  4. those are amazing! i'm pretty sure i saw a picture of lady gaga wearing them...oh and btw, Forever 21 has a knockoff of them for $6 or something ridiculous like that :)

  5. Very catlike and 60's :)
    MK in brown lipstick!? no, where? :)


  6. I showed them to James and he laughed at me..and thinks they're terrible. I want them badly though. He doesn't know anything anyways.


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