Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Little Me

I swear that I feel like I've been neglecting to post. Not out of laziness just due to a busy week.
I know it's only Tuesday but I have so much work!
I do most of my work for my online classes today, so I can be a bum on the weekend.

I hung out with a few friends on Friday and I went to Forever 21.
Where I tried on a lovely crochet dress. But I'm not sure how or where it would be appropriate except on the beach?
I was amazed to only find a few sizes but my Forever 21 never gets what I want to buy, like this sailor dress.
Same thing could be said for a lot of stores, they show tons of cute things online. But they never have the merchandise in the store or they get a limited amount. If I see something I like, I buy it right away or else it will be gone!

Trust me when I say that the stores lack of variety in Omaha, especially in the shoe department.
I swear, they all sell the same shoes but at slightly different prices. Marshalls and Von Maur, typically are the main stores I check out frequently for shoes.
I getting so desperate. I've never bought shoes online because my feet a little wider.
So I'm scared they won't fit my tiny feet, BTW I'm a size 6- 6.5.
Any suggestion a to where I should look at for shoes?
I'm curious as to brands or even online stores that you girls enjoy.
I'm so clueless to online shopping. I'm more of an window browser.
Also I enjoy that thrill of buying something.

In fact, I might go to Kansas City for a small shopping trip. I'm so excited because they have more options and a Betsey Johnson store!


  1. I think we all neglect posting sometimes because of busy schedules its totally fine =) goodluck shopping xoxo

  2. ah it's good to have you back x

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  3. Oh I feel the same, shops in here have got the stuff on their websites, they never get in the store and I prefer trying things out first;) I've got that sailor dress, one in white and the other in navy;)

  4. Good luck with finding shoes! :) I just love shopping. I've got to wait till my next pay check cause i spent way too much on the last one! haha x

  5. I've been so frustrated with Canadian shopping lately! You think you have it bad, the Canadian Forever 21 website gets what doesn't sell on the American Forever 21 website. It's a bad scene. >:( Haha, I hope that makes you feel a little better? :)

  6. i like the second forever 21 dress.


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