Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Mixtape?

I'm debating if I should post a couple new songs up, you know so we can all come up with one super sweet mixtape.

Any suggestions?
I've been listening to White Lies, The Shins, The Black Keys and Spoon a lot lately.

Does any ones else goes though periods where they listen to certain bands or songs?

Anyways, I'm almost done I have one more final on Wednesday.

I'm truly jealous of this tattoo.

Picture found on tumblr. No link. :(

One more thing, I submitted a dealbreaker to their tumblr and I guess they found it just as amusing as me.

Have a great week everyone!
Thanks for all th comments


  1. holy crap, that tattoo is freaking awesome.


  2. Cool tatoo. Good luck on your final, mines havent started yet but i have not much to do at school.

    Well i love your musical taste so go ahead with anything u want, and yes i have that certain times (right now idk what to hear :(...)

  3. Wow!! That tattoo is out of this world!
    I did a small A.McQ. inspired shoe out of melted aluminum .. I just couldn't put the heel, because it would have broken off :(
    Great blog (:

    Fernanda Lucila

  4. A McQueen tribute tat?? WOW!

  5. woaaaaah! intense tattoo!

    xx raez

  6. In awe of that tattoo. Thanks for sharing!

    xx FujiFiles

  7. amazing tattoo!


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