Monday, May 10, 2010

WTF 200!

I don't how I could of made it the momentous post without all you guys support, comments and even criticism. 
 I know I said some stupid things. I've been getting lots of comments and visitors so, Well here's to you guys and dolls.

My willlingless to post has been at an all time low. Just haven't found anything I wanted to post or comment about. I'm kind of in a slump. I'm still recovering from finals.

 I went shopping and bought a lot. Shit, I know I'm suppose to be buying a camera but I couldn't resist.
I guess the more stress I feel, the more stuff I need to buy. Well, everything  I bought I really love.

I guess it's totally appropriate to show off a recent outfit and how ridiculous those shoes are.

simple monochromatic



The shoes are made of some stretch material by the brand call Zigi.
They are perfect for any outdoor event.


  1. Love the shoes sweets. I hope happier times find you soon!

  2. Cute outfit, and awesome shoes :)

  3. oh i love the shoes!

    High street + Couture =

  4. Those heels are excellent!

  5. Love the outfit, specially the capri's. Your sandals are cool! They kick ass. And well hopefully i'll be updating more too :)!


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