Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dust Me Off

This weekend was crazy. I'm not going into details, because I prefer to keep bits of my life private. 
I had a typical Memorial weekend: BBQ, swimming, boats, tans, picnics, etc. 

A nasty spring storm and well, let's just say a tree fell in my backyard. Leaving me powerless for a few hours.
I'm ready for vacation now. I feel as if I have too much stress living in Nebraska because of the fucked up weather.

To honest, if I could find a better city that gives me the same lifestyle as here.  I would move in a heartbeat. 
Any recommendation to cities I should check out?
What do you like about your hometown or current location?
What you do loathe; things that could be improved? 

For your protection and benefit, you can just tell me the state or even the country you live in. 

ps. I might post some pictures this week. :)


  1. i feel the same. sometimes i feel like moving to USA and trying to find fame! (i'm in the UK now)

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  2. Hey Anna! I lived in Chicago for two years and I loved it! It is not too far from NE is it? Have you been or do you like Chicago? NY is my fav, but have never lived there.

    btw, yes I saw Broken Bells with James Mercer ;) xoxo

  3. I was feeling the same way about my old town so I decided to get a job in a different city... Now I'm loving life more I think, even though I had to leave my family and friends behind sometimes change is good!

  4. i think the realy question is what dont i like about NYC . lo.

    oh damn a tree?!!!! hope no ones was hurt

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