Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm Sick Again...

I swear I don't know anyone who gets sick as often as me.
I turn into a little whiny bitch when I'm sick, and I'm sorry for that.
I'm also missing my favorite Golden Girl.

On to something more positive. I'm filling out some papers for study abroad next year and I'm looking at transfer  schools. 

I'm also packing right now. Here's a pictures of my room. 

packing for a trip

It's a goddamn disaster. 
I can't decide what to bring besides underwear and my basics. My carry-on is full of white and black items.
I'm not typically this plain but I'm not bringing a lot for only two weeks. I plan on doing a lot of shopping.
What is a must have when you travel?
 Anything interesting I should bring with me?
 I don't think I shall carry my labtop, because I'm traveling international.
Which means probably means I won't be doing any blog posts on here. Lame, I know but we all we take a break from the computer.

I bought these super adorable wedges for my trip.
new shoes

I'm hoping to do an outfit post before I go and I plan to do some updates on my tumblr.

ps. I think you all should watch this part from the Sailor Moon movie, I just love Serena and Darien. Not sure if this is the second or third movie.


  1. ah poor you! hope you get better soon x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  2. get better soon, gorgeous!
    love these shoes though :D

  3. Very cute wedges; I hope you get well soon!

  4. dear - don't blame yourself - i'ts simply a very horrible seasons .. i've been sick so many times this year!!!

    take care and have fun on your trip, xx

  5. I hate packing! I hate being sick, too! I'm not very much fun when that happens, either! Love your shoes, though!

  6. for some reasons, i feel like i always face an eternal goddamn room disaster.



  7. beautifull shoes..

    wanna exchange link and follow me??


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