Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Update

Photo from Tumblr.

I'm not sad that Spain won or that Portugal lost. Still,  I don't get to see Cristiano Ronaldo's beautiful face.

I'm still rooting for Spain. 

I really want to know how everyone else has been reacting to the World Cup. Also which team are you hoping will win? Remember, only 8 more games. 

Thanks everyone for the comments. 
Sorry, if I ruined the scored for anyone who did not see the game. Good luck to Spain!


  1. I hate that Mexico losted agains Argentina, i hate that b*stards so much, lol! I prefer Spain over them, but Germany or Holand are my personal favorites!

  2. Thanks for your comment! You have a cute blog:) Its funny how me and Audrey end up commenting on the same blogs:D Another good game was Paraguay and Japan Missed the Spain, Portugal game but I recorded it going to watch it:D Thanks again will follow:)


  3. I don't have anyone to root for anymore :-(. Crissy's such a hottie, though :-)

  4. I haven't been watching the world cup! :(

  5. I haven't really been watching now that schools out, but back when school was in session I once watched it 4 classes in a row...including during a physics test...Our teachers are as soccer crazy as the students.

  6. I was rooting for Portugal, but now they're out haha. So I'm rooting for Brazil.

  7. Yay for Spain!!! It was so exciting to watch the games however heart-breaking to see Japan lost.

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