Thursday, July 8, 2010

Look Shiny Stuff

I'm obsessed with anything shiny, not that should a surprise to anyone. I wear sequins and glittery eye makeup all the time.

Obviously, I love the Fourth of July. 

Me staring at the sky

Look at my face. I'm enamored by the sound.

Moving on the to cool shit, I mean the fireworks.

Unless you have a super amazing(expensive) camera, it's damn near impossible to capture fireworks.

Here's my first attempt. I did not fix any of these photos, this how they came straight out of the camera.

Shiny Cloud

Look at that it's just a big shiny cloud, but I love the sparks on the bottom.


 The best shot I got. Well, it make me feel happy.

Big Boom

Lastly, I snap this photo of my brother. I left this unedited, but it's one of my favorites.

White Out

I honestly didn't plan to have a firework show in my front yard. But it made the night rather special.

Thanks for the comments.


  1. fab pics sweetie x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  2. Nice pictures, girl! I love this kind of party, with fireworks and stuff... :P

    Marina J.G.

  3. The first photo is my favourite! It's so dreamy!

  4. hooray for fireworks and sparklers:) hope ur july4th was amazing.

    xx raez

  5. the first pic is my favorite :D


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