Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dangerous and Sweet

So far, school is killing me. I'm feeling stressed and a bit down right now. I decided to wear something bright day while I went to class. It kind of help my mood today. 

Dangerous and Sweet

Notice something different about my outfit? I'm wearing color!


Pink is just one of those colors, I don't particularly like to wear on a daily basis. Granted my iPod is pink but honestly, it's one of those colors I tend to stay far away from. 

Outfit of The day

Sorry the photos, look so grainy. I tried my best today. I'm entering these into the Chictopia Juicy contest. Please check it out if you have an account. I'll do the same. I've been dreaming of going to NYC for years. It'd be such a honor to attend. 

Lastly, thanks for all the comments. I'm hoping that those of you who are in school or about to start have a great time!

ps. I'm almost forgot to say this. She & Him are performing this weekend in Omaha. I'm feeling like this concert is going to be unforgettable.


  1. the bright pink looks SO great on you! Good luck in the juicy contest - I'll definitely stop by your pics and vote when I get home (work computers don't like Chictopia ;) )

  2. you're beautiful!
    lovely blog!

  3. fab skirt! try not to stress x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  4. Pink looks great on you!!! You should wear it more often!

  5. You can always rely on clothes to cheer you up. Amazing skirt hope you feel happier soon have a lovely weekend xoxo

  6. lovely skirt!!!

    thanks for checking my blog out...

    (new post: BLOGGER | Internodiciotto & follow me)

  7. school is always a killer... but you'll get through it... we go through it every year, and make it out of it!!! lol but lovely outfit btw

  8. Hope you have fun at the concert! Really cute outfit :)


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