Monday, August 23, 2010

So Long Summer

 Finally, the first day of classes have arrived. It's unavoidable for most of us. It's kind of sad but refreshing. I'm not saying that I want to spend my days in a small, badly lit lecture; but I ready to see those old faces that get me through each week. Also it's time, I've visited Starbucks. 

Drinking some Starbucks

I'm already finalizing a list of things I would like to accomplish this semester. First, I must find a job. I've been trying so hard but only gotten a few interviews. Secondly,I'm trying to raise my GPA. It's gonna be hard but I just need to focus hard on all my assignments. 

But my french class is pretty fucking awesome. The professor looks crazy in her granny floral night gown dress but the whole class is based on discussions over French cinema. The first movie we have to watch is Amelie. Oh, this might be the most excited I've been over any class I've ever taken.

Dog was laying on my computer

Lastly, when I came home I found my Maltese laying on my laptop. Is he just the cutest thing? 

So how was everyday? If you started school also, I wish you the best of luck.


  1. So cute dog!
    follow if u like

  2. hmmm that looks yummy and the dog is really cute :D

  3. ah he's so sweet! had a crappy day at work - whats new!

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  4. what a cute pup! hope your first days in school were awesome:)

    xx raez

  5. Very cute!

    Your french lesson sounds awesome, I love Amelie.

    Have a great week! Vikki xxx

  6. I cant believe the summer is over. Comment on your French teacher made my lol mine was exactly the same. Good luck with job hunting xoxo

  7. Have fun at school! Your dog is adorable!

  8. Cute dog!

    French is beautiful! Good luck and have fun. :)


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