Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Fire is Out of Control

I had one super busy weekend, that included attending two parties and a baseball game. I went to see the Yankees play in Kansas City against the Royals.  I won't deny I'm not a Yankee fan because I'm a loyal to the Red Sox. But here's a picture, I wore stripes but I refuse to put on anything that has a Yankee logo. Also I'm very proud to show off for the first time my new fedora. I purchase from the Urban Outfitters sale. I'm in love with hats but I only have two summer hats. 

Outfit shot

(I pixel out the logo)

Below, is an outtake from the photo shoot. I had last week at with my friend, Liz. She collects vintage and definitely has a more fascinating style then me. Her mom gave her this suit, but sadly that skirt does not fit her. I tried it because we were putting together outfits. She wants to sell the suit but I told her to give to me. I would love to wear both pieces together and separately. Too bad I forgot to snap a picture of the buttons, they are so lovely.


Anyways, I understand why she would want to give up something so special. I have plenty of items from my mom, that I should get rid because they aren't part of my style or it doesn't fit me right. 
So do have anything in your closet that is sentimental? 

ps. Much love to all of you whom commented in my last post. 


  1. You have such amazing, thick hair... you are so lucky!

    Great blog by the way!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  2. I just went to a baseball game ~ they are such a summer pastime! love you look!!!

  3. I have clothes that sentimental, usually are gifts from different people. Love the Urban Outfitters hat!

  4. love your hat in the first one!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  5. Love the fedora with the stripes & sandals :)

    I'm quite sentimental with things too, I have a few pairs of boots that mum brought in europe when she was my age, it makes them more special & makes me appreciate them more.

    P.s just found your blog & became a follower xo

  6. I do! And even if I don't wear it I can't bear to let it go


  7. I watched my first baseball game this year and I enjoyed it!

    Lovely post!

  8. love the first outfit, you looks so easy-breezy!

    xx raez

  9. woooo. love that u love the red sox!

  10. i always fancy stripes top and that one is great

  11. Cute outfit love the stripes. Sadly I have nothing my mum through all her clothes out :( xoxo

  12. LOVE your hat! It suits you perfectly x


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