Thursday, September 2, 2010


These beginning two days of September have been just some taste of fall. It's been so cool and rainy all day and I'm just so thrilled  that I brought out my boots and jackets. But for some odd reason I didn't wear them.

Its just nice to have them out so I can figure out my inspiration for fall, especially since NYFW is right around the corner. Sadly I won't be anywhere near the festivities of Fashion Night Out. I would do anything to be in New York right now.


I didn't wear the shoes and sock outside my house but I plan on wearing them. Also are rolled jeans still acceptable? It was the only way I could show off my high heels and socks combination.

I hope you all enjoying your week. Dearies, do you have any special plans for the four day weekend? I'm spending the weekend with the family and going to the fair!


  1. love those purple socks x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  2. The fair sounds like a fun place to go this weekend :) Sadly, I'll be at home trying to finish all my homework lol

  3. i love the rolled jean look actually, but i would maybe wear a skinnier leg jean for that. it's a nicer effect when the roll is closer to the ankle

    xx raez

  4. I can't wait to see the looks from NYFW. As for cuffed jeans, I've only ever done this with a slim fit jean/pant just above the ankle :)

  5. I love that striped tee and your shoes/socks combo.


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