Monday, September 6, 2010

If I Only Had Three Wishes

It's hard to believe but my 20th birthday is in a few days. It's this Thursday in case you're curious. I'm not kind of girl that throws lavish parties or demands overpriced items for one particular day. Besides, birthdays come only one day each year. I much prefer a gift from friends because they thought if be something I would love to own or make me feel happy.

If you are feeling generous. Here's a helpful list of things that would would make me extremely happy.

Birthday Wish
My Favorite Color

I'm seriously not worry about what I want for my birthday. Actually, I wouldn't mind if all my friends and family gave me one thing. For example, I'd be so excited if they would buy me the Nikon 3100.  It's basically everything I want in DSLR camera. I'm so in love now. I never get so worked up about electronics but this camera is the one. Too bad, it comes out in a few weeks and I would have to wait for it's arrival. I'm terribly impatient, so I might buy the older version.

Also I wouldn't mind getting a high end wallet. I'm not big on purses. I much prefer shoes, if the polyvore doesn't make it that obvious. Either one by Marc by Marc Jacobs or Mulberry would satisfy my cravings.

Lastly, I've noticed that I have made any trips to Sephora or any makeup counter in awhile. I always feel that if I can't buy shoes or clothes. That makeup helps control my impulse shopping. I've been searching now for sweet nude and coral lipsticks and some dark purple nail polish for fall. It would definitely stand out because I typically wear some shade of pink. 

Anyways, I plan on having a very mellow birthday this year. Besides nothing special happen when you turn 20. Too young to drink and I still can't go to cool bars.

If your birthday is in September, I hope you have an exciting one. Also it's getting so cold. It's below 60 where I'm living. So exciting to see the seasons change. Best wishes to everyone.


  1. Happy Birthday for Thursday chick I really hope you get what you wish for xxx

  2. I could easily get excited about that camera hope you have a lovely day xoxo

  3. Happy early birthday!! I'm the same way with gifts - I'm more about practicality.

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  4. Haha, I love those incredible wedges, too!!!

  5. I hope you have a lovely birthday - and that your present is a wonderful surprise x

  6. love the purple!

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