Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jean Genie

Why the hell is Wrangler Austrailia so damn cool? 

Look how sexy those those shorts and bodysuit are from the lookbook. I seriously want to go out and buy a pair.  I checked out the US site, but then I saw some race car driver and knew these were still the same jeans that my father buys for when he does work on the cars. How sad, that they decides to only sell this lovely stuff outside it's country of origin. 

I have the worst time buying jeans. I only have 5 pairs. I recently bought some from American Eagle. I actually like how they fit and the darker ones are so much nicer than the lighter, bleached ones. Please tell me, where do you buy your jeans? 

ps. Thanks for the super lovely comments. You have no idea how much I enjoy reading them. 


  1. I don't own jeans, not a single pair. They just don't fit me :(

  2. I have a nightmare with jeans because I have quite big hips I can't usually do them up. I have a couple of pairs from Primark which fit ok and a few pairs of jeggings from various places which fit much better as there's no zips or buttons to contend with! :) xxx

  3. Well, it's really hard when you don't find the jeans you want, i usually bought at steve and barrys 'cuz i liked the price and the fit they had, but then they closed. And i started to find a good store, i found that pacsun actually sells really good jeans, the fit is perfect, the price is good and they have so much variations! :)

  4. I don't know! I wonder the same thing myself! My husband wears Wranglers and they look good on him, but the women's jeans aren't really the same...


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