Monday, September 20, 2010

Omaha= Fashion?

I know I've complain numerous times about the lack of appreciation for fashion in Omaha. Let's face it typically would not think anything special about some girl blogging on and on about shoes would not be stuck living in a small city. But this week Omaha, held is third year of Omaha Fashion Week. I find extremely fascinating because finally more people are less interested in bootcut jeans and hooded sweatshirts. 

I seriously did not know much about the designers until recently. I know many of them are my peers and that most will not read my words but I hope the blogging community can see that Omaha does have a presence in fashion.

But sadly I didn't go to the runway show, because I had plans to attend a wedding. I knew months in advance I wouldn't be going. 

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the following images. They were all found off Metro Magazine. 

But here's is my review of a few local designers. I'm sorry if this comes off as catty but I'm just being honest. Also sorry for the length of the post but I still hope you enjoy all the pictures and commentary. 

Wendy Stiff is the designer for these first few. I find the material way to cheap and the whole barbie doll vibe looks tacky. The only thing I really like it the hair. 

Second designer, ( I think her name is Sabrina Jones) had more appeal. The silhouettes were quite chic. These two dresses had to be some of my favorites.  Both won't over done, just clean and simple. Reminded me of some trends seen from NYFW. 

Third designer, had some super pretty dresses but her separates could use some  help. I'm not sure why but some items seem they were made for  Forever 21 mindset. Which is totally understandable because it really relates to the kind of clothes girls living in Omaha want to purchase.  

Did you see the episode on Project Runway, when that guy kick out for making a dress out a paper palm tress? This is definitely more detail but still just as awful. I'm feeling the vibe but reminds me too much of Alexander McQueen SS10. It's possible that the designer want to pay homage to his recent death. 

Now we have a newcomer to the fashion world, KKINI by Micheala Cawley. Apparently, Lindsey Lohan wore one of her designs on a cover of a magazine. I want one of these bathing suits for next summer. She's was one the best designers during this whole show. I know bathing suits aren't the most coveted items but her's look so sexy and fun. 

There's so many more designers. I'll keep a lookout for any other designers that participated in the shows during this part week. 

One more thing, Omaha definitely need more lovely models and our own Sartorialist. These photos lack that certain charm Scott brings to his photos. 


  1. Great review, I agree with most of what you said :)

  2. wow cool pics x

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  3. Oh I wish my hometown had such events happening! Those swimsuits are so cute:)

  4. wow! i didn't know omaha had a fashion week! :D that's so cool!

  5. i liked some of the bathing suits.. but not the first collcetion at all. i dont think you werre being catty by the way .

  6. thanks for your sweet comment x

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