Friday, October 22, 2010

Can't Handle Me Right Now.

I plan to attend a local comic book/ anime convention this November, but I have to be in Chicago same weekend as the conference. 

I wanted to make a costume from Serena or Usagi and Luna Sailor Moon. Too bad I can't use this as a Halloween costume but maybe next year.  I'm not a fan of serious cosplay. If you are going to dress up, I think it's perfectly adorable do something different, by wearing a updated look. As long as you have a few recognizable accessories, I'm sure people can guess your cosplay outfit. I followed the basic color palette of the characters and reference plots from the TV show. 

If you are one of those semi-professional or professional cosplayers, please try not to be so critical. I'm not the most hardcore anime fan and love to experiment with any character. 

You can see that I was inspired by Serena looks: left to right; Serena as Princess Serenity; Sailor Moon, those Vivienne Westwood boots must be something that Serena would prefer other those love red ones; School Girl Serena, imagine Serena running late to class in those badass McQueen shoes lugging  along her light pink bag.  
Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon by RazzleDazzleMe featuring bride dresses

I love Luna. In fact, I'm sure she's the reason why I have a little black kitty. Of course, I can't dress a cat but this lovely guardian would be ravishing in gold and black. From super hot cocktail dresses, but Luna seems to be more conservative. I would prefer to see her in be consistent in her closet. Nothing too liberal. But she's totally the type to add playful bows and accessories. She's definitely the cat's meow!

I hope I can another convention and that I'll have Tuxedo Mask join me!

ps. Thanks for the lovely comments. I appreciate all of them. ♥


  1. I love that you're going to cosplay as Sailor Moon - I like the combo's you've come up with. I've dressed up as Lenne from FFX-2 before and Madison from Cardcaptors.. haha. closet geek! xx

  2. I love the inspiration! These are such fun looks!

  3. fun inspiration, great looks!

  4. i love tuxedo .. he was my first love i swear it .

    also i love your interpretation of serena .. thats so interesting and not over the top

  5. I like it! I really want a yellow skirt someday.
    And by the way, the quote from Audrey Hepburn is really good! <3

  6. i loved sailor moon! can't wait to see pictures :)

  7. love your costume creations!!! very creative x

  8. oh I used to watch Sailor Moon a lot, haha I loved it!

  9. Usagi didn't cross my mind when I was thinking about who I should be for Halloween. it's definitely cute what you paired up together, inspiration for next year's Halloween!

  10. hhahaha i still am sort of obsessed with sailor moon.


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