Saturday, October 16, 2010

If You Can't Sleep

Woah, it's the weekend, so let's party! Granted, I'm too lame or underage, to actually attend the parties at my school. I rather stay home and watch movies. Hello, Netflix and warm PJ bottoms. I'm so happy that I survived. Between work, school and driving on the busy traffic streets, I've been so tired. It's finally fall break and we are half way done. 

But I've been so inspired by my last post, I needed to find something similar by shopping in my closet. I'm  finally straying away from all black. I enjoy seeing more patterns and textures. All inspired by the latest Spring '11 collections and all the lovely street style photos. I haven't worn this skirt since summer. I only wore it too Target. I'm too worry to wear this without tights. Am I the only one who worries about showing too much leg?

Besides, sharing my adorable outfit. I'm so overjoyed to share some wonderful news. I finally got accepted into study abroad! I'm going to Spain next year!  

I'm hoping to travel all over Europe. It be such a pleasure to meet anyone. 

If You Can't Sleep

White Tank- Express, short beige layered skirt- American Eagle, boots- Ruff Hewn from Dillards, grey leggings- F21 and  the denim jacket-Gap. Rings- F21 and gifted. Necklace- borrow from my mom.

If You Can't Sleep

ps. Thanks for all the incredible comments. You all keep me going.


  1. I must be equally lame - I'm sitting in bed reading blogs while watching SATC2.. and it's a Saturday night! haha.. no, it's totally nice to have quiet nights in :)

    Looking lovely x

  2. Congrats on getting accepted for Study Abroad :) Love the skirt; and I don't think it's too short to wear without tights. I think it looks great either way.

  3. congrats sweetie! love that jacket too x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  4. Your hair is so gorgeous my lady :)

    I know the feeling of being underage
    I feel like I miss out on so much!

    thanks for always shining


  5. what a cute, dainty skirt!

  6. I think it is great to wear that skirt with tights! I worry about showing leg, too. Maybe you could style it with a slip and bare legs?

    I am so excited Canada has Netflix now!!!!

  7. Warm PJs and movies don't sound bad at all! Congrats on the study abroad, i heard they are beyond amazing!


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