Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Current Obsessions

I've already had such a shitty week. I had two tests and a presentation  on Monday and I worked all day today. The joy of my day was grabbing a frappucino after work. Those lovely cups of strawberry creamy goodness never seem so yummy as today. In case, you just started reading my blog, I have a huge obsession with Starbucks.  So naturally, I wanted to post about what's been my latest obsessions.

All we do in French is watch movies; most are set in Paris. I've been to Paris but dear god, I really would want to be there during fashion week. All the outfits and shows I've seen are so beautiful. Oh, Paris je t'aime.

I've fallen once again for pink and corals. I think it's because now I'm getting more into colors and I'm just sick of all neutrals in my closet. 

Beige, gray and tan are so becoming my colors this fall. I'm trying to avoid black but I've broken that promise. 

This look from Betsey Johnson has been on my mind since I saw it a few weeks ago. I need that necklace. I know it's tacky but I adore tacky things. 

YSL ring, please be mine? I promise to take it off only at night. I only have few and they are silver. But this is the perfect ring that I've been wanting for such a long time.  

Sorry for the lack of links. Most of these are from my tumblr

Also I'm so flattered by the amount of new readers and comments. Thanks for reading this.    ♥


  1. nice blog, love ur pink color as the background.
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  2. cool post here!

    love the ysl ring!

    lovely blog!

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  3. i love that first pic x

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  4. I love that ring, I've seen it a few times now in different colours, I really want it too!! xxx


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