Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Fires

Am I the only one who really wants to have a bonfire? It's fall, so that means it is definitely getting cooler and it's becoming perfect sweater weather. 

October Fires

skirt- UO
Tank- Target
Blazer- Macr by Marc Jacobs
boots- TJ Maxx
Jewelry- random locations

Closeup of

I'm sorry this is kind of boring. I've been sick and stuck in the library these past few days. I'm happy to be able to post an outfit this week. I'm quite fond of this one. I finally feel like I'm back to do regular outfit posts. I haven't worn this skirt in forever. It's quite adorable. I'm hoping to wear it again with a knit sweater.

Also do you like this ankle boots? I just got from TJ Maxx. I like the little studs around the ankle. 

Thanks everyone for the comments. 


  1. great outfit :)

  2. i love those boots!

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  3. The skirt is cute. And oh i love your boots.

  4. cool boots!!
    thanks for your comment!

  5. i love bonfires. the smell is amazing.
    love the blazer xx

  6. these boots are cute! I like them :)

    Id personally kill to have a beach bonfire

  7. i've always felt like bonfires were such a summer thing - great fun though!

  8. Yes, I really like your ankle boots!

  9. ahhhh, that's wonderful! i want to have a bonfire. but DUDE, this post is not boring. that skirt's really cool!!

  10. I really like your blog ;)
    so adorable!

  11. Always like the idea of bonfires in theory...but they hurt your eyes...hmmm


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