Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Dress

Today felt like one of those jeans and tee shirt kind of days. I had nowhere to go and frankly, I hate being bored. So naturally my boredom allows me time to make fantasy outfits off polyvore  and watch Babies on Netflix.

I would so recommend watching Babies. It's documentary that follows four infants from the savanna desert in Africa to a sky high buildings in Tokyo. All of the babies that were recorded are beyond adorable. You have no soul if those little faces make you sigh and laugh out.

Please tell me if you can't see the trailer.

I've been watching the daily videos by Lorraine Stanick. She just bought this gorgeous rose gold watch, seen above. I really would love to own one. It looks so prim and proper. Also if you watch her youtube videos, you also know she has a Love ring, similar to  the one in the picture. I finally found some jewelry that I want to buy. 

ps. No License yet. :(


  1. ive seen the babies trailer - so so so cute! a must watch!

  2. really fun trailer = love the rose gold, xx

  3. love the mostly nude outfit you've made! super chic:)

    xx raez

  4. That looks like such an adorable documentary! And I love rose gold pieces so much!

  5. I actually have the movie babies in my computer and have yet to watch it.. the commercials hypnotize me. Cute collage also

    P.S Go enter my international giveaway for a 4GB USB Mimobot! they're adorable http://tinyurl.com/2vyxcp2

  6. cant wait to see it!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  7. Oh my word those adorable babiee's, it seems a must watch.

  8. I heard about the documentary, but hadn't watched the trailer until now. I was like: aaah and oooh all the time. My brother thought I was getting crazy, because he had no idea what I was watching. Haha

  9. amazing colour for a watch!!



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