Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh those crazy nights

I sometimes hate Nebraska. How can one place go from a semi-warm 60 degrees to below freezing in a few days?  On Friday, we were just suppose to get some freezing rain. But this horrible white shit fell to the ground and thankfully, dissipated the next day. Oh, I've been dreading snow. Last winter, I spent so much time stuck at home because the weather and it's not going to be as tragic since I will be in Madrid this January!


 I've been seeing so many pictures of other girls' shoe collections. Granted, I do not make enough to buy a pair of Louboutins or Sam Edelman.  I do love the shoes I have and I treat them very well, and my best friend says I'm a crazy impulsive shoe whore. I have way to many boxes, so I finally bought a shoe divider. It's kind of cheaply made and I had to buy two to get rid of most of boxes. It's a little relief that I don't have to open 10 or 15 different ones in order to find a pair. I'll take a picture of what's inside of them later. 

I have a problem


ps. I love all the comments from my last post. They were fun to read. I hope you enjoy this blog and follow me. ♥


  1. OOH that photo is so cool. The only time I ever see snow is after driving for many many many hours and then climbing up a big mountain...:(

  2. Wow, shoe divider seems so cool :) I should get one as well ahah

    Yes, androgyny is amazing, I love it so much. I get stars in my eyes everytime I see a boyish girl or girlish boy, I think playing with gender can be beautiful when done right :)

  3. I have the same shoe divider ahhhhhh!!!

  4. thanks so much for your comment ;)
    the velvet dress is from topshop!
    I thinking about buying it....

  5. Haha I need to organize my shoes soon too :)

  6. oh! you look absolutely darling - one of my fave pic of yours .... xx

  7. I could buy a pair of Louboutins but I'd rather spend that money buying other more prctical stuff, and there are shoes that are just as nice but not Louboutins for a lot cheaper! :D

  8. love seeing all your shoes!

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  9. i love that picture wear the snow falls. its soo pretty. cute jacket too =].
    im going to follow your blog


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