Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Over It Over Again

I didn't know why they made these Lita Boots in such an over-the-top glitter fabric; it's so tacky. Let me say that I did not fall head over heels with these Jeffery Campbell shoes  when I first saw them( pun unintended). I did wonder how they became so popular. I've been hearing about them for the past month, then I remember this theory of contagiousness we studied about in class.

Frankly, they don't suit my style at all. I'm more of kitten heel/ ballet flats girl.  Lastly, why do girls try to be so narrowed-minded by declaring these monstrosities the it-shoe of the season?  Yes, I do understand they are way cheaper than most high end brands, for example, the DSQUARED2 bone heels but those were not being blog about every single hour, minute, or second...

I don't care that bloggers brag about the unbelievable comfort of the heels. You are still wearing six inch heels! I highly doubt their claims due to the fact many pairs have been gifted by several companies. I know some of you want to punch me by now but let's agree to disagree. And tell me how you feel in a few months after you've move on, meanwhile your precious Lita boots are collecting dust. 

ps. Are you a fan of Lita? 


  1. I dislike these shoes immensely!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - I try not to do much online shopping because you're right, returns and shizz are a pain in the arse.

  2. I'm a big fan of Lita boots, I'd die for a pair! haha <3

  3. I never payed much attention to the Lita!

    I'm a aficionado of Jeffrey Campbell, but I prefer the plain leathered Lita than the glitter fabric. Though I personally wouldn't purchase them as I'd be a walking disaster in them, it would be like walking on stilts! they're good to look at though.

  4. i hate heels!

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  5. Woah. Silver? Haha these are like litas for strippers.

    I never liked the litas... I don't understand the hype

  6. this is a pretty quirky pair, though it won't suit my style as well I think they're actually gorgeous if worn by the right person.

  7. I don't like those particular heels - the glitter is definitely not for me, but if it was less chunky and in a more flattering color, I wouldn't mind wearing them once in a while.

  8. theyre insane. im kinda falling in love with the ponyhair version myself!

    xx raez

  9. I do like the shinyness, but yes they can't be comfy after an hour of standing in them...

  10. shiny silver shoes
    by the way thanks for youre comment on my post, guess you are a simple woman :)
    come again and visit me okay, i will be very happy :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    Emma Watson really did look amazing!

    would love for you to follow :)

  12. I love sparkly :) but heels are not my friends! Each to their own, I suppose :)

  13. i think those are pretty cool!

  14. Actually, this is the first time that I read about them, but oh god, they're ugly as hell. The fabric looks really tacky!


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