Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sea Within A Sea

Guess who does have school until next week? I do! So to start off the holidays, but also a short break from classes. I just wanted to post a mini wishlist. I'm very detailed oriented when comes to things I want and buy. I seriously have spent this last trying to find a good deal on a camera. I hope this one website will have the one I want!

Also, I realize that I have three different types of cameras. I'm fascinated by photography. It's becoming one of my biggest obsessions. I'm dying to own a DSLR, but that will use mainly for personal photos, but I want to be able to explore my abilities with the so beautiful Diana Mini. I just adore the petite white one that recently came out. No worries about the film because I know of a few places that still develops 35mm. Although I might be a little shocked by the prices. Also, I'm madly in love with instant film. One of my friends owns the little Fijifilm Instant Mini, says it's nice for nostalgic pictures. I think if be so wonderful to bring one with me to Europe next year.

This year, I also probably will try head on over to my local Target to buy a new iPod touch. My iPod is nearing its demise. The poor thing barely lasts two hours. Also another personal electronic on my list is that Stila Make-Up Train. I need one for all my makeup that I plan on bringing.  It's super cute, because I can plug-in my iPod. Just imagine me trying to dance while putting on eye-liner.

Also not to be neglected, I hope to find a that leather backpack for a cheap price this Friday. My mom has quite a few coupons. We are both big bargain shoppers and can't resist Black Friday sales. So what do you some of girls, plan on buying for the holidays? Are you currently writing a wishlist? Tell me, if you know any good sales also!

ps. Thanks you so much for all the comments. Just leave me one if you want me to follow you. I might not be back until Saturday.  Much Love. ♥


  1. omg i've always wanted a DSLR and instant film cameraa!

    i'm reallyy trying to write a list, but i have to figure out my budget xD

  2. I want a YSL arty ring so badly :(
    Lovely wishlist!

    Rosie x


  3. I'm quite detailed oriented too when especially purchasing a gadget. But I never use my DSLR enough though! I hope you find a great buy.

  4. i hope you have a nice break!


  5. That clutch is cute! I need a new camera too lol

  6. ah you have a great break x

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  7. i have that record player! Totally love it.

  8. Never too early to start planning! I wouldn't mind that record player, backpack or a new camera either

  9. It's funny because I think I've gotten so comfortable with the SLR, I've totally forgotten how to shoot film... I need to get back into that...

  10. I'm LOVIn' that yellow velvet clutch...it's AMAZZZINg and looks sooo vintage!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  11. oh nice about the ipod touch, i want the ipod nano touch, it looks so cute! and yumm starbucks holiday drinks are delicious

  12. That's a beautiful bag on your wishlist!
    enjoy your break! :)

  13. Oh, I love the bag!
    I've only got one thing on my wishlist and it's a canon 50mm, 1.8F II lens:)

  14. i'm also debating which camera to buy. too many choices!



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