Monday, November 29, 2010

Attention Mes Belles

I finally did it, no I didn't get a goddamn camera. Rather, I  purchased an one-way ticket to Spain. I'll be arriving soon, so I'm in dire need of assistance. I want to be able to travel quick and cheap as possible.Below are my top ten cities that I must see.

1. Paris (I've been here before but need to see again)
2. London
3. Amsterdam
4. Prague
5. Budapest
6. Milan
7. Nice (also been here but was too cold to enjoy)
8. Barcelona
9. Berlin
10. Florence

If you have any advice or recommendations for hotels, hostels, restaurants, local secrets, or books, please help me out! I'm not totally lost, because I have Madrid figured out and well I kind of have plans to see family in Barcelona. So once again, I would love read anything that can help. I truly appreciate anything.

Much Love, Anna

ps. Even if you're just a fellow wander-luster, you can still help but telling me your favorite European city.


  1. How exciting!! Have fun :) I'm planning on visiting Europe too, but will have to wait a couple of years to save up enough money!

  2. that sounds so exciting ! i have no advice to give as i've never been though it is my dream .which is why i am vicariously ecstatic right now.

  3. anna - you rock!!! can't wait to see all the pics from your trip!!! i always wish to do backpacking across Europe!


  4. oooh! very exciting! but why isn't rome on the list? Rome was fantastic, and the atmosphere very friendly. Good too see Florence and Nice on there too, they were my favourite after Paris!

    ps. the leather place is in Florence, called cuoieria fiorentina.

    xx raez

  5. Ahh so amazing! My bf said barcelona is beyond amazing! Im jealous, your going to have so much fun.

  6. hell yeah paris. the city's on the top of my list too. your choices are amazing ones.
    my favorite city is of course paris. i have never been there before but i couldn't help picturing it as a city of fashion and deep romance. hahah

  7. Barca is one of my favourite cities! I've also been to Madrid when it was boiling hot, I remember having a lock in, in this bar with really great food and drink and people, but sadly I don't remember the name.

  8. have fun!! love paris and london but had a tourist overload when i went!

  9. Wow, I want to travel like that too!
    Thanks for your comment :) I do love MaxFactor, that's such a shame!

    Rosie x

  10. So excited babe I'm horribly happy for you =)

  11. You should try Lisbon, it's really cool actually. It's nothing compared to those cities you listed there, but I like it.

  12. wow you sound so brave and exciting. go for it! have fun :) can we follow each other? I live your blog very much



  13. WoW! Sounds amazing you will have a fabulous time.

  14. Are you going to all the cities? You could travel by train, it's so much cheaper. Let me know if you're going to Amsterdam!

  15. Are yoy going to Barcelona? Me too!

  16. oh have fun!

    Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

  17. sounds like a fun backpacking trip, you're so advanturous!

  18. You really have to go to Amsterdam, it's a great city! :D

  19. heey. thanks for your comment! well, what do you want to know about one of the most awesome cities? =)

    (new post: Sneak-a-peak: Knits & follow me)

  20. oh my goshhh, i'm so jealous!! that sounds incredible. i agree with mirjam; definitely go to amsterdam if you can. one of my friends is studying abroad there, and her pictures are amazing! i'm sure you'll find it inspiring, want to take lots of pictures, and have lots of fun. pleeease let us know how your trip is going ASAP! i'm really curious haha

  21. I've been to pretty much all those cities! In Prague, I stayed at this place... Hotel metamophosi I think it was called, right in the old town, and it was gorgeous! I think it was reasonably priced x

  22. Oh, I've never been to such places.. I'd love to, I hope someday I will. Have a nice trip!


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