Monday, November 8, 2010


I finally went to Chicago. It such an amazing city to explore and I got to meet some wonderful people. I went to get my visa application turn in and afterwards I met up with girls that are planning to attend the same school  in Madrid. We set out to see the wonders of Chicago along with my dad. Granted, it was slightly colder to the beautiful fall weather we've been having lately.

View from Day

I ate some of Chicago's finest pizza. My tour guide/ friend's bf, took us to Giordano's. It's ridiculously good.  Also why does Chicago smell so good? Everywhere we walked by I found something yummy.



I bought tons of crap: okay it's really not crap but I did go a little crazy. Damn, I'll hate to say that I'm an impulsive shopper. I'll buy something then regret it later.Also it kind of sucks to carry bags along all those city blocks. I admire your city dwellers because I'm spoiled by Nebraska. We have to drive to get to the mall, I just walk back to the car if I have too many bags.


Look, I'm wearing all black. I thought had to dress more serious and business approve clothes. Which turn out to be completely false. The Jacket is from Zara, that's starting to fall apart, shirt is Target, the pants are from Marshalls (I think), my bag is from Francesca's Closet and the scarf is F21. I forgot where I got the earring, but they are super adorable. 

Hey if you want to see more photos. Just Take a Look at My FLICKR. 

ps.I'm posting more details about what I bought later this week. 

Lastly, You guys are super sweet. I wish I could each one of you a hug. 


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