Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just Cold

It just became so cold where I live. We haven't got much snow but it still does make for the 30 degree any better. I really would prefer to live somewhere with a milder winter. I dislike having to wear my puffy jacket but it keep me super warm.

Today, I had study aboard orientation. They talk about what to bring and what not to bring, ie: Hairdryer, expensive jewelry, or an overpacked suitcase. I'm not leaving for another month but I'm such an strong-head Virgo, I need to start packing right away. Of course, my super heavy winter coat with not fit without taking at least 20% of my suitcase.  I need help on how I could fit my belonging into one suitcase, although I might bring two, and one carry-on.

If you haven't read this check list from One Bag, It gave me an idea on much I should pack. So, if you live in Europe. Would I need a heavy coat or can I get by with just a few sweaters and a peacoat?

Also, I will be staying in Madrid with a family but I have plans to travel on the weekend, typically to cities in Spain and during breaks to farther cities.

Also I found one decent tourist book about Spanish customs and little info on hotels and food. I need more information, so please help me if you know any other books I should pick up.

ps. Thank you to everyone whom has commented on this post and the one before. I'm so thrilled to share this experience on this type of network. Best wishes to all and I hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Oooh how cool! Unfortunately I have no idea what to pack for that or about any of the customs XD

  2. I always end up overpacking lol. I'd say just bring an extra bag or leave some room in case you go shopping :)

  3. it's very cold in the uk at the moment. i'm due to travel to spain next week too, i hope the strikes get sorted out in time.

  4. Yes, I know what you mean. Ultimately, the point of these collections is to not let people forget them, because of how hauntingly scary they are...

  5. the coat, bring a coat! it's really very cold in europe atm, we had a foot of snow! xx

  6. It's cold and snowing in Holland..

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) this sounds so exciting!!! If you need any help as to anything Spanish, feel free to give me a shout. I've had an apartment there (in Benalmadena actually) for a few years so I know a fair bit about the culture etc.
    P.S. I'm hosting a Givenchy giveaway on my blog, you can enter it here if you'd like :)

  8. Hey Anna,

    Firstly well done on booking the ticket, how exciting! :)

    I would suggest WEARING your big coat, whilst travelling, then you don't have to fit it into your luggage, you'll only have to wear it whilst going through baggage at the airport and you can leave it in your hostel/hotel if it looks like you won't need it on the day. I would say most of Europe will be very cold at this time of year. It's currently around -5 degrees in England.

    Regarding Amsterdam; Firstly it's very expensive everywhere in central Amsterdam, so I would do some serious research on cheap places to eat/drink, free museums and any offers etc. The Ice Bar is more of an experience than a place to stay and drink, it's 15 euro's to go in and you get 3 'free' drinks, you're only in the actual ice bar for 30 minutes, the rest of the time you spend in the bar/entrance area infront of it (if that makes any sense).

    I did find a good offer, AFTER I'd already paid for everything, which was 38 euro's for 2 experiences i.e The Ice Bar and the Von Gogh Museum, plus a boat trip, bike hire and a free gift. Works out alot cheaper than paying for all those things individually.

    I hope all this helps! xxx

  9. i am the worst at packing. i tend to pack everything that i'll need, might need, possibly need, basically everything.

    xx Kenny


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