Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prayer For Japan

If you had any idea of the current devastation in Japan, you would completely understand why I'm posting this. I'm too heart-broken to go on and on about my frivolous adventures in Europe. When I first heard about the earthquake and tsunami, I was with a fellow exchange students from Australia. We both nearly broke down crying.  One of them has a brother living in Japan, super close to all the areas with my most damage from the tsunami.  Luckily, he was able to contact him that day to discovered his brother was okay and that he will  probably have to return to Australia or the UK.
Another student, had spent several weeks in Japan. Many of her friends, are currently living in tents or without basic essentials, such as, water or electricity.
If you just look at these images taken by satellite of the before and after of Japan. If you didn't tear up a little bit, you might need to consider finding a soul. Remember people live in those areas, thousands are missing and every day, the authorities are finding more bodies.
I'm hoping after reading about the personal experiences from Chic-Steals and Rumi, both gave me chills. Also both ahve plenty of reccomendation to donate money to help those affected.

I love Japan!

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  1. It's hard, to feel like you should continue when awful things like this are happening around the world. Very lovely and heartfelt post - praying for japan!


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