Monday, August 22, 2011

Excuse Me Miss

There are just someday, I find myself in a pretty dress and manage to get a decent photo. I'm such a little perfectionist that I never post a picture unless I feel like it's something special. That's exactly how I feel about this dress. I just never thought I would of found it inside of JCPenny's.

I was so obsessed with MANGO while I was living in Spain. I bought quite a few lovely tops and accessories abroad. I was so upset that I would need to pay online shipping here in the US.  Imagine my face when I found out this past weekend that MNG by MANGO, could be found in the local mall.  The dress is by far one the most appealing items I saw in the store.  I ran all over the mall looking for blue shoes after buying the dress. Sometimes I get ideas that matching is not a fashion faux-pas. I'm so sad that classes began this Monday. I'm just ready to get this year done and graduate! 

Floral dress and new shoes

Floral dress and new shoes

dress- MNG by MANGO
shoes- Soft shoes


  1. Beautiful dress!


  2. What a cute dress!
    And I really like the shoes <3

  3. I am a total perfectionist, too, so I know what you are talking about. Why post pictures unless you are super happy with them??
    You look phenomenal. I love this dress! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Fit's you really well, I actually forget to browse online at Mango, I should do it more often.

  5. wow that Mango dress is really pretty! we dont' have a Mnago store here in my city but def a store I like to visit when I go to Toronto or Montreal!

  6. OMG so cute!

    Laura @

  7. Oh I love those shoes! So unexpected but at the same time perfect with that floral dress!

  8. Amazing dress, it's feminine & lady like and I love it with the blue shoes <3

  9. lovely the print of that dress :)


    ENjoy your weekend

  10. omagawd! that dress looks FAB!!! lOVE the patterns and it looks amazing on you!


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