Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bring Your Hips

I'm so hopelessly addicted to taking photos with my iPod touch. I know I've mention this over and over again. 
This Labor Day weekend eneded up being a 4-day weekend for myself. No class on Tuesday! I wish I could have some trip or even a small shopping trip to brag about but I just hung out around my neighborhood. My schedule is filled with classes and homework right now. I'm just blogging right now to release some anxiety. Does anyone else do that? Now, it's time to turn back to my reality and continue reading my textbook for Spanish Lit.

ps. Do you ahve the instagram? Let's be friends. 
My aunt made jello cake with cool whip frosting. I ate three pieces.



  1. Yummy photos! And I love taking pics with my iPhone :)

  2. I always take pictures with my iPhone. It's just so handy all the time! Besides, the pictures turn out really well.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Blogging is definitely a release for me too!

  4. I wish there was instagram for Android!

  5. hmmm looks yummy! good luck with school! nice blog by the way

  6. I've been so overwhelmed with school, hw, work, blogging, and fashion shows. But blogging is definitely a fun release!

  7. i just got instagram after a friend suggested it!

    i would add you right this second buuut after i took a look at that cake i am now hungry ^_^



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