Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Can't I Stop Loving You

This past week, I've bene moaning and spending endless hours looking at tumblr and  NYFW is a major priority this week. I'm sighing right now, my heart is simply content to see those images and read peoples thoughts instantly about the shows. I'm such a sucker for the bold colors and mixture of fabrics and textures.
Some personal favorites runway shows have been:


I'm going crazy over the bold easter egg color hair. It takes me back to when Frenchie accidentally dyed her hair pink in Grease. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought of that? It's so rich, colorful, and perfect for the western vibe.

Erin Fetherston > >Also I just can't stop staring at the Erin Featherston photos. I'm in love with all things orange. I used to carry around an orange backpack in high school. So many fond memories. Also, sorry if I get carry away I'm a little bit ADD when it comes to Fashion Week. Her collections are always on my wish list. the fabrics are soft. The prints are never too bold and the colors are classic. Also I can't wait to wear strapless white dress next spring.
I can't wait to see the rest of NYFW, LFW, and of course Paris!
lastly, this is some late news but I'm finally 21! I need to get some sangria and gin & tonic. Leave me any drink recommendations below in the comments. Tons of hugs and kisses to my followers


  1. i enjoy your lookbook and i am happy there is a blog to accompany it!

    i hope we can be blog buddies ^_^

  2. it is always interesting to see what is new. : )

  3. Oh how I love looking at pictures of fashion week :)

  4. I love bold colors and mix of prints as well! it jus makes an outfit so much more interesting :D

  5. Oh yeah, im feeling the same way, staring at the screen till my eyes cant take it!

  6. I love Erin Fetherston's work! =)

  7. I love bold colours too <3
    NYFW is always amazing, there are so many talented designers showing there!!

  8. I've been so busy with the shows I've attended that I haven't gotten a chance to view the other collections! I did love Erin Fetherston's collection too :) I love her designs.


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