Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Wishlist

I'm not going to lie, I'm addicted to playing around on polyvore. I haven't used in in forever and all the sudden I'm back to making sets. It's one my favorite hobbies during the winter because I can't handle the cold and I did not have to work this weekend. I had spent such a lovely time with the family. I hung out with the family Thanksgiving day. We had an intense game of Apples to Apples granted the whole table finished 3 bottles of wine in two hours! Later I went out drinking with my brothers and their friends. I went out to store at 5 am during Black Friday. I found boots for my sister. I also loading my cart full of college football items. All the men I know love football.
As for myself, I'm trying to give hints to my own. I think it's clear that I love neon and bold colors, glitter and leather. So many goodies that have caught my eye. I plan on posting more later.
1. Leather coat, this one reminds me of the Olsens, enough said.
2/ 8. Laptop sleeve I hopefully shall get a new laptop sleeve or purse. My backpack is barely surviving the semester.
3/5 Shoes, I swear every list I include shoes. They are my biggest weakness.
4. Lime Crime Lipstick. I want them all!
6. I already mention to my parents the new Nikon J1 camera. My mother loves the variety of colors. She might get one for our trip next summer. The rest is just clothes and beautiful accessories
7. Karen Walker Sunnies, they becoming my favorite brand right now. I love these slightly cat eye frames.
Thanks for reading. Lots of love to you and all your family!


  1. I'm crazy for those Miu Miu shoes. Really I'm crazy for the whole glittered collection for f/w.

  2. That is a great wish list! I am following you. Have a lovely week. <3<3

  3. haha I tried Polyvore once and I sensed it would be incredibly dangerous for me so promptly closed the window and never looked back haha. Seriously spent about 4 hours on there the first time I tried it lol. That Marc Jacobs handbag has seriously gotten this girl gushing. <3 it very VERY much ^_^

  4. All about that hot pink camera! Such a cute and fun color..

    Love! ~Angel

  5. I love the orange satchel! want.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  6. Give me the glitter shoes!!


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