Wednesday, January 25, 2012

miss me?

 I already feel better about this week. The weather has been pretty, sunny and kind of warm. I still have to wear coat but I love winter wear. It's all so cozy and I love wearing lots of layers. Although it's not so practical for classes. 
Also I've been working out a lot at the gym. It should help that some of those guys are quite attractive. I'm just too shy to approach any, so I just stick to the free weights and treadmill with my iPod plug in. Maybe, I'll take some time to talk to one of them. Also, I've found that music really does make it seem less tiring. One of these days, I'll post some of my favorite workout songs.

What I'm wearing: tshirt Mango, jeans Jessica Simpson, sweater Target, necklace Forever21, bracelet Shopko.



  1. Simple but chic <3
    I met my man at a kickboxing gym :) You should strike up a conversation!

  2. Cute outfit! =)

  3. Beautiful hair!
    That cardigan is great and I love love love your boots!
    Have a nice weekend, dear!
    Check out my new post! <3

  4. cute!!!

  5. You look lovely! That cardigan looks cozy :)

  6. loving your boots... looking so gorgeous!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  7. nice outfit!! :D


  8. oh hey you look fab! I've been going to the gym as well, and also too shy to talk to any one, you never know whos single and who isn't and what they do right!?

  9. A nice incentive to work out when you have some decent eye candy around! Wish I had that where I was. A little eye contact rescues me having to say anything - it's how I cheat I'm just too coy to strike up a conversation. :)

    Your boots look so snug for winter, there my go to when it gets chilly.


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