Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just A Little Bit

Look at these two gorgeous ladies. I'm completely in love with this editorial.  All so simple and classic. The single chain, the neutral and shorts are some of my current favorites. The polka dot scarves are absolutely a must have for myself. I have such a large weakness for silk scarves, and I need to browse through a few thrift stores for a similar style.

One more thing, I need to buy a pair of new sunglasses for this summer. I'm considering forgoing the cheap, plastic versions from H&M or Forever21 for a high end brand. I would love any recommendations for stores or designers, since I'm so scared to break them.
Thanks lovelies!

Source. tumblr


  1. This is so pretty! This is one of those classic beauty shots that I just love.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I love this photo, I think I saw it on Pinterest There's so many photos on there and I totally know what you mean about sunglasses. I have like 10 pairs from F21 or H&M because I'm always losing and breaking them. I'm thinking about getting a good pair too and was looking the other day, I liked Dior and Ray Bans best :) xoDale


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