Tuesday, February 21, 2012

soon, my friends

Oh, damn you H&M for not having online shopping! I'm absolutely lusting right now over the release f Marni for H&M. This is such a pretty collection. I'm not one to go all crazy for a design collaboration, well not since Lanvin for H&M.

Still, those accessories would be tres chic in my closet. I'm coveting that bib collars and one of those necklaces. Also I'm in love with the smaller price tag on such lovely pieces, that collar is only $19.95! Clothing  might be a little too much for me but I do adore that zip up cardigan sweater. It has neon details!  Also the swimsuit would be so cute for my summer vacation. I'll explain where I'm going later.

So tragic, that I must resort to eBay to score one of these pieces after March 8th. Here's hoping that all the sellers do not succumb to selling these items for more than they are valued. Also please if you plan on going to the stores the day if comes out. Thanks again lovelies!

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