Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Make Me Cry....

I'm feeling so much better today.  I'm already done with two classes.  It might be the middle of the week but I feel like getting a few drinks and celebrating. All my friends and I have plans to get drinks after our finals. I guaranteed by Saturday I will be dancing in the bars. Who else is excited for summer parties?
I have a few items I would like to accomplish a few goals this summer. Summer is a time to pursue your passion dears! I'm always trying something new and exciting. I plan visiting a few cities and dedicating time to perfecting my French. Of course, I want to what are your goals for summer?

Also these cupcakes are just making me drool. I can't help but adore anything that's loaded with sugar.


Also obsessed with this Pink Martini song! Such a perfect video for anyone that is obsessed with France. I hope I can go plan a visit right after I graduate.

Enjoy the rest of the week dears! I hope this post made you smile a little.


  1. Wow, look at those cupcakes! They look soooo goood!

  2. Yummie!


  3. those cupcakes make me drool too! off to listen to this song now!

    xo, vanessa


  4. love it all!


  5. yumm cupcakes!!



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