Monday, April 23, 2012

Soon, my Friend

 Where did the weekend go? It's already the last week of the semester. Few snapsnaps from insta.gram and a small personal update.

Sigh, again my dears, this weekend truly had a sad ending. My family decided to put down our 16 year old Maltese dog.  We rescued him from a shelter, after the poor thing suffer from abusive owner and they finally abandoned him. I saw him when I was a little girl, my family cuddle his frail body. He instantly loved my sister. We gave him a loving, warm home for about 11 years.  It really hurt to see him go and have my parents drive off with knowing he would be coming home. I know some of you girls and guys understand the pain to lose a pet. Thanks for your understanding. I promise my next post will not be sad.


  1. What a gorgeous doggie, sorry for your loss xo

  2. The puppy is so adorable! Look at the little face. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. That's really awful your dog had to be put down. I'm sorry. When I had to put down my 14-year old cat it was the worst. But it sounds like the little guy had a very full life full of love!


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